Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SDA Global, Top Local Lobbying Firm names new president

Candelario's appointment adds another piece to the puzzle of whom and how Puerto Rico is governed. SDA Global is alive and kicking after the death of Ramon Luis Lugo. We expect a continuation of Luis Lugo's philosophy and an active aggressive backstage role on the proposed plebiscite to maintain the status quo. I would not be surprised to learn that they are advising Governor Fortuño (who is a product of that establishment) on his inclusion of the status quo in the plebiscite language.
Candelario is described as the chief financial architect of the PR Legislature for 17 years. (Under all administrations?) His intervention in key legislation such as the 2008 Industrial Incentives Law, his role with Anibal Acevedo, Luis Fortuño and Rep.Silva, is another piece of the puzzle that confirms our theory that Puerto Rico is governed by economic powers. These (locally called "The Big Interests"), have tentacles in all branches of government and backhandedly ($$) decide and control legislation, policy making and elections so as to assure that their interests are protected by whoever leads the political structure of Puerto Rico. This also includes the resolution of the status of Puerto Rico. Until the statehood movement makes them an offer they cannot refuse, we are doomed to live forever in the colonial limbo which they support and favor.
I offer them a 40 year grandfather clause to protect their greedy tax shelters and their unlimited local government protectionism in an enabling act for statehood for Puerto Rico. Anybody out there taking up on it? Anybody listening? I'm available 24/7 to discuss this.
(If you are really interested in how this has affected Statehood for Puerto Rico, check out the links at the end. )MJ

Edition: June 30, 2011 | Volume: 39 | No: 25

Ends 17-year stint as P.R. Legislative Assembly’s top financial architect
SDA Global, Puerto Rico's leading lobbying firm, has appointed Raúl A. Candelario  López as its new president, CARIBBEAN BUSINESS has learned. With more than 17 years under his belt as the chief financial architect of the Puerto Rico Legislative Assembly—and 15 of those at the House of Representatives—Candelario  López will take over the helm of the prestigious firm effective July 1, confirmed Marie Olga Rivera, chairwoman of SDA Global, during an exclusive interview.
Under the vision and leadership of its founder, the late Ramón Luis Lugo, SDA Global has been the leading agency attending to local governmental affairs for the private sector since 1986. It assists local companies with their commercial strategies and provides valuable assistance as they develop their legislative agenda.
"The mutual respect and affection between Ramón [Luis Lugo] and Raúl were always evident. After his passing, it was imperative to secure the right person to successfully carry on his vision while taking SDA Global to the next level," Rivera said. "I firmly believe Raúl Candelario  is that person."
Candelario  López, who has served as general director of the House Treasury & Financial Affairs Committee the past 11 years, said: "I hope that having worked for nearly 17 years at the Legislative Assembly serves as a testimony of my longstanding commitment to public service. Accepting the role as president of SDA Global marks an important opportunity for my professional growth. I am embracing it with the kind of excitement that new challenges bring."
New Progressive Party Rep. Antonio "Toñito" Silva, chairman of the House Treasury & Financial Affairs Committee and Candelario  López's boss for more than a decade, said, "It has been an honor and a privilege to work with Rauly, as his friends and colleagues affectionately call him. He is a tireless worker, a loyal friend and a person with the utmost work ethic."
During his most recent stint in the House of Representatives, Candelario  López is credited for directing the 2006 Fiscal Reform, which led to the introduction of the sales & use tax (IVU by its Spanish acronym). Other projects led by Candelario López include the 2008 Industrial Incentives Law, the Small Business Law, achieving uniformity in capital gains and the renewal of the Real Estate Investment Trusts.
As a member of the Negotiation Committee, he played an important role during the government shutdown. Two years later, he was the point person to analyze the tax proposals of both Govs. Aníbal Acevedo Vilá and Luis Fortuño.
Under Candelario López's leadership, the Puerto Rico Insurance Code was successfully updated, and he also served as a member of the Governor's Advisory Board on maritime & cruiseship industry matters.
Most recently, he assumed a leadership role on Fortuño's economic-development team, helping rescue Puerto Rico's credit ratings and shepherding the Tax Reform (Part I & II) to approval.
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