Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Philadelphia Cop Smacks Woman at Puerto Rican Day Parade

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October 01, 2012
Fox News LatinoAn altercation between a woman and a police officer at the Philadelphia Puerto Rican Day Parade is drawing attention after video of the incident was posted online. Video uploaded to YouTube on Sept. 30 by a user named Gisela Valentin shows crowds gathered in the streets while officers patrol the area.
At one point in the video, several people - including a woman carrying a flag - appear to toss water from bottles in the direction of a group of police officers who were handcuffing a man against a car. One of the officers, appearing to have been struck by the water, approached the woman and punched her once in the face. The woman fell to the ground, was handcuffed, and was led away.

While police are declining to identify the women, philly.com is reporting that the 39-year-old was cited for the incident. Police spokesman Lt. Ray Evers said the citation charged the women with disorderly conduct after "liquid and some other objects were thrown at a group of officers causing a large crowd." Evers added that the department is “fully aware” of the video and that the officer involved has been identified.

Internal affairs have opened up an investigation of the video and have made Philadelphia police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, who is in San Diego at a conference, aware of the incident. While police are not releasing the officer’s identity, Evers did say he is a supervisor in Highway patrol.

The woman was the only person given a citation for the incident.

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