Friday, October 20, 2017


Where was the Obama pardoned terrorist Oscar Lopez While Puerto Rico was Being Destroyed by The Ravaging Winds And Waters Of Hurricane Maria?
By Nelson Rodriguez
October 20, 2017

In the last few days many wondered where was and what was Oscar Lopez doing, the terrorist who masterminded the Fraunces Tavern explosion in NY, where many innocent persons died, and who was pardoned by President Obama?

Well wonder no more, while our beloved Puerto Rico was being destroyed by the ravaging winds of Hurricane Maria, Oscar López, one of the best friends of the Mayor of San Juan,PR  Carmen Yulin Cruz,  is attending the World Summit of Socialist and Communist Youth in Sochi, Russia,where he has been recognized as a hero by the Communist bloc for his 36 years in a US prison!

In his speech to the Assembly today, he accused the United States of America of annihilating the entire Puerto Rican population! Dressed in a black polo with letters that said, "We Are Dying," he accused the United States of committing an act of genocide and extermination of the Puerto Rican population. What a heinous comment and dirty propaganda!

Our Nation, our United States of America who have come to our rescue without limits! It is helping us restore the power system at 100% of its cost! That our President requested and Congress just approved 4.9 trillion dollars for the immediate functional liquidity of our government!

That has sent more than 27 thousand military and federal civil servants to help raise Puerto Rico! They sent us the largest hospital ship in the world which has arrived at our shores in the world at the service of our civilian population! Drinking water, food, and supplies has been given out by the Army, National Guard, FEMA, and Federal civilian employees!

Oscar Lopez, you are a solemn liar! What a shame, you are free to do as you

please to poison humanity! You have not changed your desire to be a leader of anti american indoctrination and hate! 
We already knew you were a puppet possibly on the payroll of the Russian communist blocs, Castro and Chavist!

Enjoy your disgraceful moment of glory in communist propaganda. God, our people and history have already condemned you!

by Nelson Rodriguez Esq.
Lawyer at San Juan, Puerto Rico