Saturday, November 12, 2016

John Paulson - Trump's Friend .....

The best part, is that Paulson does not have to pay Federal or State taxes (under Gov.Fortuno's Law 21), not like the economically depressed US citizens living in Puerto Rico. This is a deplorable example of Puerto Rico's Economic Exploitation ..

One of  Paulson's Properties:
This Hedge Fund Billionaire Is The Biggest Winner In Donald Trump’s Victory
John Paulson, a Trump policy advisor, will finally get the payout he’s been looking for.
"Paulson’s approach to what might be called political speculation has, in the past, pushed the bounds of traditional lobbying. He and allies retained an array of dark money groups, as well as some traditional lobbying firms, in an effort to move public perception around an issue, whether it was the sovereign debt of Argentina, Puerto Rican bonds or, in this case, U.S. housing finance policy. The technique was the subject of a previous Huffington Post investigation, but despite Paulson’s efforts, neither the bets on Puerto Rico or Fannie Mae were paying off."

"Over the past few years, Paulson and other hedge fund investors have deployed an intense lobbying and public relations campaign in Washington over a variety of issues that would benefit their bottom line. This included heavy lobbying to make sure debts Puerto Rico owed to their hedge funds were first in line for full repayment and getting the federal government to release Fannie and Freddie."


Paulson as Cheerleader for Puerto Rico Sees Rich Influx

John Paulson loves Puerto Rico.

The billionaire hedge-fund manager has bought municipal debt of the commonwealth, invested in its hotels and is building a vacation home in one of its most exclusive resorts. Paulson’s firm is working on 10 real estate deals in the territory known for its low taxes, according to Alberto Baco Bague, secretary of economic development and commerce for Puerto Rico.

“Puerto Rico will become the Singapore of the Caribbean,” Paulson, 58, said yesterday at the 2014 Puerto Rico Investment Summit in San Juan, a conference designed to promote the territory and attract investors. “Opportunities to buy real estate here won’t last much longer.”

Paulson’s firm is on track to invest $1 billion in the territory over the next two years through land purchases and properties to be torn down and rebuilt, Bague said in an interview yesterday. He said Paulson, who helped come up with the idea of the conference, will announce one of the deals within eight weeks.