Friday, November 11, 2016


A Tribute to My Father    
Col Victor M. Ramirez  
My father, Colonel Victor M Ramirez received his 1st Lieutenant bars the same day I was born. I was an only child because my mother almost died during childbirth.

He joined the US Army in Puerto Rico in 1938 and served during World War I.

In 1943, in the middle of World War II, I was two years old. My father was in active duty and would only come occasionally to visit my Mother and I. 

Saying goodbye to Daddy was always very hard.

He also served during the Korean conflict where he was seriously wounded. My mother did not hear from him for over a month. 

My father was assigned to receive hundreds of Hungarian Refugees in 1956 He escorted a group of them to meet President Eisenhower in the White House. I was 15 yrs.old. 

I recently found the small little boy, held in his father's arms. He is now a Doctor in Medicine in the United States.

While Stationed in France, he was assigned to Represent the United States Army at a World War II Memorial Ceremony at the Arch Du Triumph in Paris, France.

My father is in his dress Uniform. He is accompanied by French Government Officials.

Once retired from military service, after a successful military career, he practiced law and served as Superior Court Judge in Puerto Rico until his retirement.
He never ceased to be involved in military affairs, organizing chapters of US Army Defense Dept Organizations in Puerto Rico.

Since I was a little girl, my father taught me to value the important things in life, to always believe in myself, to fight for the things I believe in, and to never give up my integrity and principles.

May he rest in peace my Dad, my friend, my AMERICAN HERO
Love you Dad....  
                               Miriam Jean