Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Gov Pataki, who is being mentioned as a possible member of the Fiscal Equality Board, fought to get the Navy out of Puerto Rico. These photos were taken of some of the people who protested and whose actions Gov Pataki supported. MJ

by I. NightHawk
San Juan, PR
June 21, 2016

Anti Navy Protester
"In my opinion governor Pedro Rosello's infamous "Don't push it" was what started the collapse of the economy of the island. The money injected into the local economy due to the consumption generated by the military bases was more stable than anything we got from section 936. My blood boils every time I hear some politician or political analyst claim with misplaced authority that the closing of the bases was the result of an ongoing nationwide reduction plan caused by the end of the cold war. That last big lie was crafted only to have Pedro Rosello save face in the local political arena.

Through hearings related to Vieques it became clear that the bases where exactly where they were needed. The function of the bases in the east of the island was intertwined and just by closing one the others could not fulfill their function. The base triangle was also important for our allies because it was the most advanced naval shooting range in the Atlantic. The government of Puerto Rico was presented the offer to use laser tag instead of live ammunition (aircraft already used fake bombs) and the governor rejected the offer all in hopes of looking strong before the local party primaries.

It is rare (or probably unheard off) that any US jurisdiction would struggle to close military bases, the opposite is the norm due to the effect on local economies. In the end the bases beyond Vieques were closed as punishment for the imprudence of Pedro Rosello. He was told openly that he had the obligation to arrest those who tresspassed federal property and he replied as a neighborhood big shot. The legislator who threatened to close all the other local bases if Vieques was lost was the same that recently proposed to re-open it. That said legislator properly pointed out decades ago that the Vieques political circus was the result of the exploitation of a tragedy that occurred close to the local party primary. Everyone then and now missed the fact that with just one accident in sixty years Vieques was probably the safest shooting range in the USA.

During the Cold War the club of submarine warfare was very small but today it is not. Many nations today have attack submarines (which are the ones we should worry about) and the base(s) that some time in the past had the mission to intercept them is(are) now closed. The discomfort for the aforementioned fact shoud carry more weight than just loosing Vieques naval shooting range. Our neighbor Venezuela has German attack submarines and has been trying to buy Russian modern ones for years. Russian submarine activity has been detected off the USA east coast. Venezuela along with Argentina's previous government had ambitions to control the South Atlantic and not merely from Chavista pride, the purpose was to control access to the emerging markets of West Africa. In recent years venezuelan "companies" have expressed interest in operating the former USA Naval base(s) in the east coast of Puerto Rico." 

Present PPD House Speaker, Perello, cutting cyclone fence to allow protesters to enter and throw stones at Naval personnel stationed in vieques and destroy Federal Property in Vieques.

Alarcon, a high Cuban Official, was in PR this week in interviews, meeting, what have you. He said Cuba played a significant role in outing the NAVY out of Vieques. I remember telling high ranking Navy Officials that I was sure it was a plan to weaken the US defense in the Caribbean.
(Is this an Anti American Anti US Defense Scheme by Cuba?) 
Taking advantage of a pause in the moving speech by the Cuban leader, Milagros shouted loudly: “Puerto Rico, present!” and Fidel asked her to accompany him on stage. He thanked the Puerto Rican for her solidarity with the island and assured her that the Cuban people would fight to oust the United States Navy from the Puerto Rican municipality of Vieques, where they had a naval base.