Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Games Puerto Rico's Leaders Play On Its' 3.5 million US Citizens in Puerto Rico And Our Fellow Citizens In The 50 States

A little bit of history:
The act to allow the US citizens in Puerto Rico to exercise self government in the beginning of the 20th century,  has not worked. But... why has it not worked! ?
It has not worked, because it was a limited, perhaps purposely, designed process that deprived the US citizens who lived in Puerto Rico of basic US citizen's democratic rights. 
This is what we still have in the 21st Century. Shame on the US Government and specially Congress, which has the Constitutional obligation and responsibility to attend to issues affecting the lives of its US citizens in one of its colonies. 
The present economic crisis, the predictable end result of a hundred years of colonial status,  forces the US to stop looking the other way. 
For over 100 years, 3.5 millions US citizens live in Puerto Rico without representation or right to vote in the US government and electoral processes, or have the right to vote for the President. 
The economic crisis and our colonial status go hand in hand. Congress has the responsibility and the authority to commence a process and invite Puerto Rico into the Union as a state. 
Puerto Rico's Leaders: Playing Games Or Out of Touch?
FORBESBy Greg Clark
August 8, 2015

Puerto Rico’s bond default on Monday – along with statements that preceded it – cast doubt on the ability of its leaders to fully understand and manage the island’s unfolding financial crisis.

Commonwealth officials in the last month have behaved in a way that strikes many market observers as tone-deaf, evasive, or both. They’ve failed to inform bondholders of significant upcoming events and attempted to make petty distinctions about the meaning of the term “default.” Add in Puerto Rico’s lackluster history of financial disclosure – audited financial information for its fiscal year ended June 30, 2014 has still not been released – increasing apprehension about future steps is understandable.