Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pick Mitt Romney’s vice president.......

A look at Mitt Romney's possible choices for a vice presidential running mate.


Chris Christie
The New Jersey governor may be the most popular guy in the Republican party at the moment, thanks to his relentlessly confrontational style and regular-guy manner. That said, Christie's personality is more built to be the man, not the man standing next to the man.
Rick Santorum
The former Pennsylvania senator was the runner up to Romney in the primary fight and has strong ties to social conservatives.

Patrick Toomey
A major darkhorse, the Pennsylvania senator hails from a state Republicans (again) believe is within reach. He also has sparkling credentials on debt and spending issues.

Jeb Bush
The former Florida governor is not only a member of the Republican party’s first family but he has also been a leading voice of moderation on immigration issues.

Jim DeMint
The South Carolina senator has emerged as the face of the tea party in the Senate. No other candidate would do more to cement conservatives behind Romney.

Nikki Haley
Haley is the first Indian-American woman to be elected governor of a state (South Carolina). She was an early endorser of Romney in the primary and, if chosen as his running mate, would make history as the first Indian-American VP candidate.
Mike Huckabee
The former governor of Arkansas, 2008 presidential candidate and TV and radio superstar has an active following among social conservatives and an economic populist streak that fits nicely with this electorate.
Bobby Jindal
The Louisiana governor is one of the most popular — and conservative — governors in the country and picking him as a running mate would make history as the first Indian-American on a national party ticket.

Bob McDonnell
The popular governor of an important battleground (Virginia), McDonnell's recent involvement in a national controversy about trans-vaginal ultrasounds has drawn some negative attention, but he remains a major player.

Rand Paul
The son of iconic (in some circles) Texas Rep. Ron Paul, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) hails from the libertarian-end of the GOP and would excite them like no other pick.

Marco Rubio
Young, Hispanic and from a key swing state, the Florida senator is a favorite of the tea party. If chosen, he would make history as the first Hispanic VP candidate, and could be a strong choice for the Romney presidential ticket.


John Thune
A rising star in the Republican party, Thune is a Plains state senator (South Dakota, to be exact) with good looks and an almost impeccable conservative reputation.

Tim Pawlenty
Pawlenty, the former Minnesota governor and long-time state politician, endorsed Romney shortly after getting out of the race in his own right in late August 2011. Pawlenty’s best attribute is his loyalty; his worst is his decided lack of charisma.
Paul Ryan
The House budget chairman is telegenic, beloved by tea party conservatives and from a swing state (Wisconsin). There would be no better way for Romney to drive a contrast with President Obama than to put the face of the conservative approach to budgeting on the national ticket.
Mitch Daniels
Daniels, former president George W. Bush's former budget director, has a national reputation for speaking uncomfortable truths on debt and spending issues. The Indiana governor could have been a presidential campaign favorite but decided not to run.
Rob Portman
Portman, the junior senator from Ohio, helped lead Romney's primary victory in the all-important Buckeye State. He is an expert in budget matters, having served as U.S. trade representative and budget director during George W. Bush's administration.


Susana Martinez
Elected governor of New Mexico in 2010, Martinez became the first Hispanic female governor in the country. If Romney picked her as his running mate, she would make history as the first Hispanic VP candidate.
Brian Sandoval
The governor of Nevada doesn’t get as much national publicity as some of the other Republican governors elected in 2010, but as a Hispanic from a swing state he has an intriguing profile — and would be a his