Tuesday, August 20, 2013


August 20, 2013
by J. Hartman

Egypt now has a population of 85 million, crammed into a narrow strip of land along the nile.  85% of Egypt is covered with sand dunes and desert. Egypt's current population is increasing by more than a million a year,  and cannot feed its own people---in fact it appears to be the largest importer of wheat in the world

Mubarak tried to promote family planning, but these policies were reversed by Morsi, presumably in accordance with the Islamist pro-natal's position. The election of Morsi put "first line" or "Western" countries in a quandary. The desire was to support "democracy," but a population dominated by religious orthodoxy can make bad choices about demographics. 

With insufficient food and high unemployment, Egypt becomes a much harder challenge to govern. Yet in the West we seem unaware of the causal connection: high population growth is unsustainable and leads to political instability in Egypt, genocide in Rwanda, civil war in the Congo and famine in Somalia. Population growth is never the proximate cause of human suffering. It takes a generation for children born today to start using resources.

What we are facing now are the early battles of a world war between the "magical thinkers" and the "rationalists," the jihadists and the secularists, the Christians and the agnostics, the religious nuts against the atheists. I think what we are seeing is, the wholesale rejection, finally, of supernatural belief as a governing tool, and its desperate bunker mentality defense

It's going to be a wild ride and it'll take a few hundred years but Jesus and Mohamed, et al, either will see Islam triumphant, or are both on their way to join Thor and Apollo and the rest of that gang. 

The US is often confused because of its theoretical ideals conflicting with its self interest. The latter should take precedence in foreign relations, as most other countries do not have 200 years of our idealism ingrained in their leaders or populations. Therefore, as other major powers do, we must sometimes choose sides.

President Obama chose sides when he outwardly rooted for Mubarak's departure. He illegally used our military and chose sides against a mellowed but strong Quadaffi in Libya. He chose sides when he didn't support the budding revolution in Iran. He is choosing sides by doing nothing to stop their nuclear weapons development. He is choosing sides by doing nothing in Syria. He chose sides by trying to predetermine the outcome of Israel-Palestinian negotiations. He will be choosing the wrong side if he backs Morsi's return

Or were all of these disastrous choices done for idealism? What baffles me is the fact that some people actually think Obama's actions mean anything. He is irrelevant. The rest of the world laughs at our dear leader. Don't know why anyone expected him to be a great leader. He had no experience, had not paid his dues or proven himself (up through the ranks in politics), and he was raised practically fatherless. Not a recipe for great American leadership

It's also a serious problem when words and labels do no reflect realities, when people involved are prone to lie and manipulate, and when the media behaves like children simplistically espousing in black and white conceptualizing, rather than digesting, analyzing, and illuminating truths within complexities and when there are all sorts of confounding agendas

Stop calling violent anarchists "protesters" or islamist extremist militants "democrats". Any bad boy can be "democratically" elected if the populous wishes. Or if they can rig the elections somehow. Anybody with delusional thinking or even violent behavior can "protest" something. All these years of allowing manipulative language has caught up with everyone in trying to understand what is going on now and is about to happen, let alone think through to finding peaceful constructive resolutions/solutions.

Critical thinking people! Do all your research before you call something an Arab "Spring".  Spring with it's fresh flowers of pleasing fragrance and life a FAR cry from those looming realities that this so-called "Spring" reflected and foreshadowed. Learn from RELIABLE sources, and THINK. Don't swallow propaganda from manipulating sources and realities you know NOTHING about hook, line, and sinker all the time. Events are spiraling out of control in Egypt and they will not soon stabilize.  

Egypt held legitimate elections. The problems began when Morsi came to power on a "bait and switch basis" and kicked the spirit of "democracy" to the curb by basically ignoring the Constitution of Egypt. This also what Obama and his democrats have done here in America

But why did Morsi do his"bait and switch?"  Because he and his followers believe that Islam is more important than the Egyptian Constitution. The reality of Islam within so-called democracies should not be ignored. Democracy is not magic. Just because elections are held and people vote, the undercurrent of Islam still rules to one degree or another. It's not like Christianity in America. Islam has a fervency that is one-hundred fold that of American Christianity the latter which the Obama regime seems intent on killing.Reconciling Islam with the concept of a "democracy" is absolutely not possible.