Sunday, March 24, 2013


According to the UN,  there are 199 countries in the world,. Of these, the late president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez visited 180. He had an exclusive fleet of aircraft, mostly acquired by PDVSA. The largest of these is an Airbus for up to 90 passengers. This was used when Chavez was traveling with his huge entourages including officials, family, security personnel, doctors and cooks. On a trip to Paris he rented two floors of the very expensive hotel Rafael, where one room, one night costs 3,500 euros. ( 42218.8 US Dollars)

The other aircrafts he used was a Gulfstream 6-550 costing $ 50 million and holds 15 passengers, a Falcon 900 LX, at a cost of $ 40 million to also accommodate 15 passengers, a Challenger 605 which cost $ 18 million to accommodate 10 people, and a Learjet 60, eight million dollars for up to eight passengers.

In terms of per diem for travel, no problems. It is said that in 2011 two government agents were the Central Bank and stole five million dollars for a trip to Moscow, Kiev, Tehran, Damascus and Tripoli. When he ran out of money sent for five million dollars.

The planes were just one of the luxuries enjoyed by Chavez. The annual budget for clothes and shoes was $ 329,000, $ 151,000 in toiletries, laundry and $408,000 to $ 9.5 million for the maintenance of their properties.

Indeed, the Chavez family went from a humble farm of three hectares in Barinas to own 450,000 spread over 17 farms, with costs ranging from $400,000 to $ 700,000 each. Among them is the Malagueña, with more than 50,000 hectares, at a cost of $ 380,000. The family estate, La Chavera, grew from 80 hectares to 320 five years ago hectares today.

The farms have their own roads and the family was transported in 10 Hummers, priced at $ 70,000 each. The fleet of cars including a Toyota Prado, a Luv D Max, a Grand Cherokee, a Trailblazer, a Ford Mustang and Bentley were used when going to London. Chavez used to say that "being rich is bad".

It is not known how much cash they have on the outside. Already in 2004 the DEA estimated that the Chavez family had a fortune of $ 140 million. Analysts like Jerry Brewer Company Criminal Justice International Associates, estimated the family fortune at 1,800 million dollars. Some place it a $ 2 billion…

And where is the money? The whole family is very well taken care of.  A cousin of the late President, Asdrubal Chavez, is vice president of production and trade in PDVSA.  All the oil contracts go through his desk. In fact, since 2003 PDVSA has not presented any  financial reports,

Asdrubal is not the only well placed. Argenis Chavez's brother, is president of the state electricity Corpoelec. He was the one who bought La Malagueña. Hannibal, another brother, has been enriched as mayor of Sabaneta, the town where the clan comes from.

The 'royal family', as they say in Venezuela, has unmeasured fortune in property, cars, jewelry, clothing and accessories. Chavez's mother, Elena Frias, went from being a humble school teacher to a great lady wearing rings on the five fingers and Dolce & Gabbana eyeglasses.

Chavez's daughters, Rosa Virginia, María Gabriela Rosinés travel the world attending concerts by Madonna and Justin Bieber, Disneyland Paris, Patagonia, Argentina and New York. Hugo, the only son, manages a Bentley  sometimes and other times the Hummer. Family watches are Patek Philip and Cartier. Antonio, a nephew, is fond of weapons.

It is said that the daughters of Chavez are already in Argentina are going to list their properties and they are thinking of settling there. Argentina, the money laundering paradise, where Pablo Escobar’s family found refuge.

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