Monday, June 20, 2011

Determining the future of Puerto Rico - R Hernandez Colon

Determining the future of Puerto Rico |
Tampa Tribune

"Furthermore, the NPP is intent on having a process wherein they define commonwealth with no dignity, as a U.S. colony under the plenary power of Congress, and an improved commonwealth as an associated republic, Micronesian-style. They are intent on having a plebiscite contrary to the true nature of commonwealth and its potential improvements — a plebiscite they are certain to win. It is evident they will buck the president and submit the people of Puerto Rico to a profoundly unfair exercise in authoritarian "self-determination."

"The PDP has made clear it won't stand for any proposition in the plebiscite that departs from permanent union from the U.S.; neither will it stand for a proposition disparaging commonwealth as colonial or territorial. These are inflammatory political adjectives intended to drive the votes away from commonwealth. They belong to the campaign discourse, where they can be refuted, but not on a ballot where voters would have to accept them as defining the type of relationship they want with the U.S."