Monday, February 7, 2011

You will be identified by your eyes....

The image of the iris is more exact than fingerprints to identify a person. Great for foolproof ID, but if this implanted in every day use, there will be less personal privacy. They have a plant in Caguas, PR, where I was born.
Minority Report Company Push
Expiring technology patent insures that you will soon have your eyes scanned everywhere you go

Place eyes here for secure entry citizenWednesday,
Feb 2nd, 2011
The impending expiration of a key technology patent is paving the way for a scramble amongst scores of biometrics research and development companies, all desperate to make their own brand of iris scanning technology commonplace, effectively creating a real life Minority Report society, where everyone is linked into an identification database.
As detailed in a Bloomberg News report today, the patent for recording the unique characteristics of the Iris as a form of identification was granted to two eye doctors in 1987, who then approached a Cambridge University professor to develop a way of automating iris identification. That further patent was granted in 1994, but it expires this year, opening a door for a slew of technological nightmares to come pouring through.
Leading marketing companies believe that within the next five years, iris recognition technology will create over $2 billion in revenue by becoming a routine part of everyday life.