Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This was performed by Ken Johnson after Reagan’s funeral in 2004. It’s called The Long Goodbye.
I share it with you as a tribute to a great American President on his 100th Birthday, and who I had the privilege to know.

It brings back memories of my mother Angela, who also had Alzheimer and died last July 2010.

The Long Goodbye

We shared a wondrous life
It’s hard to understand
But I have to say goodbye
Now while I still can

And though we’ve done it all
There’s still so much to do
Our Spring will turn to Fall
As I Winter without you

Remember all the smiles
But if you need to cry
Love’s never out of style
Despite The Long Goodbye

And those who still believe
In love so deep and pure
Won’t feel we’ve been deceived
By the things we must endure

I won’t ask you to stay
But I’m praying that you’ll try
I’ll love you anyway
Despite The Long Goodbye

I know it’s hard to see
A mind no longer there
But my heart will always be
As long as I breathe air

And in eternity
My love will fill the sky
As I watch and wait for thee
But now the Long Goodbye

I’ll watch and wait for thee
‘Til you can be with me
But now The Long Goodbye

Words and Music by
© Ken Johnson Copyright 2004