Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Published: 18 de Sept 2017
by Miriam J. Ramirez
Donald J. Trump is truly an unconventional U.S. President There hasn’t been a similar administration in The White House since Andrew Jackson with a populist endorsement challenging the establishment.

 Trump’s trip towards Puerto Rico is a historical event, in many ways. It would be the first time within our relationship with the U.S., a President would visit Puerto Rico during his first year in office. His prior business background in tourism and media promotion such as Ms. Universe; provided him time and interaction with the people of Puerto Rico and local memories.

No doubt his direct involvement and concern for the people of Puerto Rico is present in the back burner of his mind. Regardless what you think of his partisanship, his actions are prevalent with directives towards emergency management assistance towards Puerto Rico impact of hurricane IRMA.

 Trump’s military education foundation, his business background and staff provided a rapid response not only towards Puerto Rico, but provided us the opportunity to shine as a regional center in the Caribbean.

 Irma’s unfortunate experience has pointed out Puerto Rico’s important role ties in the Caribbean with the United States, from transportation facilities of sea and airports to emergency contingency residencies to its victims. 

Mr. President based upon your business experience; the administration can rebuild and establish a stronger tie with the region; which is the backyard and truly southern line of defense of the U.S.

 We look forward to the President's coming back to visit Puerto Rico, now as our President, of all U.S. citizens trailblazing with a historical visit.