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The Dirty and Unlawful Secrets of the Off-shore Fiscal Paradise Banks

Secret Jurisdictions Worldwide Hide Almost $36 Trillion US$
Part I
by Nelson Rodriguez-Lopez
July 20, 2016

The Owners: 
The Financial Elites, Delinquents, and Other Defrauders Who Never Pay Taxes

There are 89 secrets jurisdictions worldwide that the Tax Justice Network Report states where there are hidden between $24 to $36 trillions of shadowy and dirty fortunes 

Yes, you read correctly, TRILLIONS, for which their owners never paid taxes, based in a natural immunity given to them by the off-shore fiscal paradises. It is really indeed an obscene script.

For this reason, Tax Justice Network has developed a Master Plan Worldwide to stop this Corrupt Tax Evasion Scheme, in Panama and other areas of the World. 

The role of the BBV-SA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya's) Secret Accounts, as revealed in the Panama Papers, are just the tip of the iceberg!

Who are these people who benefit from this Tax Evasion? Are they the drug dealers, the terrorist organizations, such as Al Qaeda, Isis, Hamas, World nobility, financial elites, high profile delinquents and others tax evaders & conspirators? 

Obviously, based in the laxity of state laws and transnational treaties of selective privacy, and the gross negligence of the enforcement agencies state, federal, transnational and even with the intentional purpose from them all, they are absolutely immune. As they say in Castilian (Spanish) language: "Aqui no hay santos ni tontos!" "There are no fools or saints here."  What we really have are white glove thieves who are totally immune. 

But what is really pathetic is the fact that those who are supposed to keep worldwide order are the most dangerous violators: bankers, lawyers and governmental officials of the highest level. The first two ones are the real architects that lurk in the shadows. The last ones are in conspiracy with the first ones, and are the facilitators for clients of anonymous accounts which are encouraged by the private banking business.

This modus operandis is now absolutely confirmed in the public disclosure of the BBV Secrets Accounts and the Panama Papers. 
The now described as the  "infamous" legal office of Mossack-Fonseca , (which is described as being totally involved in both financial scandals), fully operated 500 Off-shore Banks and registered 214,448 phantom companies
in the "so-called" fiscal paradises, half of them in the British Virgin Islands and Panama.

But what is absolutely astonishing to know is that between banks, lawyers, public accountants, agents and third-party facilitators, Mossack-Fonseca dealt with over 14,000 people.That is an immense network! Yet, this network represents only 5%off the hidden global capital network worldwide, which gives you an idea of the magnitude of the Tax Evasion and money laundering  industry that has currently grown since the seventies where there were nine off-shore banks, to almost ninety today. 

Had the owners 
of these these secrets accounts (They are only 0.1% of the worldwide population) paid taxes for the almost 36 trillion dollars, the budget of the tax evaded nations would have increased by $800 billions.

Can anyone imagine the ways the world could use this money to fight poverty, health diseases and other major scars of humanity? But, that is not about to happen, because for this kleptocracy, the pains of humanity do not affect their lifestyle or their deep pockets .

However, what we need to worry the most about is that this establishment does not have frontiers! They do not care about terrorism; they do not care about drug cartels; they do not care about famine, disease, poverty, THEY ARE THE NEW WORLD ORDER! 

The Tax Justice Network is searching for solutions and has developed an Anonymous Wealth Tax which has been presented to the developed nations of the world. This taxation would produce over 100 billions of dollars to be shared among the basic needs of those in need and poverty. The great problem that the world faces is the fact that all the financial fiscal paradises are still protected by the off-shore secrecy rules. These tax evaders are the pirates of the XXI Century, who continue to hide and launder cash!

I personally had an encounter with them almost twenty years ago, all clients of Mossack-Fonseca. The scheme was connected to millions of dollars transferred to Alberto Fujimori and Vladimiro Montesinos in Peru through the Spanish bank Banco Bilbao Vizcaya (BBV-SA). 
When this became a scandal some time ago, only a very scarce amount of the full information became public. There was an official cover-up of the federal and transnational agencies. I was aware of some information about the scheme and received extreme pressure not to give out privileged and classified information. 

It is disturbing to know that all the prosecutors related to the Secrets Accounts have died in mysterious manners or have disappeared. For example, David Martinez Madero was found dead at the Milan International Airport in Italy . Martinez Madero was the Anti Corruption Prosecutor for the Kingdom of Spain, who that same week discovered that the Spanish Princess, Pilar de Borbon, had millions in cash in Off-shore Banks in Panama through the office of Ramon-Fonseca. 

This dormant volcano has again erupted this year,  when someone hacked the Panama Papers and these are being made public! 
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To Be Continued:
How Puerto Rico 's banks, agencies and enforcement entities were used in one of the biggest cover -up in our American history.