Friday, June 10, 2016


Photo by MJR from balcony
of my beach house in
Combate, PR
by Miriam J Ramirez MD

June 10, 2016
Yesterday's events will be written as one of the most important days in the history of the United States and its territory, Puerto Rico, USA.

Under Speaker Paul Ryan's leadership and personal tutelage, the US HOUSE overwhelmingly approved HR 5278, bill to restructure Puerto Rico's debt and help their fellow citizens in Puerto Rico.

Not to say the least, the Supreme Court said yesterday that Puerto Rico is a territory and nothing that has happened changed that since 1898.

I want to recognize the thousands of grassroots people of Puerto Rico, who abandoned by our leaders, mobilized as grassroots do, using social media, phones, faxes, whatever, to get their message out to Washington that we support the Fiscal Control Board PROMESA.

All this, while the official political establishment, aided by the highest paid lobbyists in the world, politicians whose campaigns were supported by the richest in the world, who moved their unlimited resources, money and their influences to try to influence Washington against the Control Board, so as to be able to continue to fleece the US Taxpayers and the people of Puerto Rico.  

For that sector there is a lot at stake. There is a trillion dollar IRS Tax Evasion gimmick using our US territory and it is not Puerto Rican's money.

They tried to derail Speaker Paul Ryan's commitment, which as he patriotically said, was to help his fellow US citizens in Puerto Rico. Speaker Ryan stood steadfast, working through holidays, recesses, and family days, to deliver hope and a better future for the forgotten stepchildren of America and he prevailed.

We helped the only way poor grassroots can. We generated hundreds of thousand of tweets, faxes, phone calls, and messages from Puerto Ricans active in the social media to the President, Speaker Ryan and other members of Congress, and they did not let us down! They delivered to us, and we, their fellow citizens of Puerto Rico, are grateful.

Our only ally, was our non voting representative in Congress, Pedro Pierluisi. He worked 24/7 through a very difficult election in PR which he lost, for putting PR first !!! The Puerto Rican delegate is not allowed to vote in Congress for our lives!

The President has said he will sign the Bill for the JUNTA in spite of the political leadership lobbying and fighting against their own constituents, and who failed to deliver to their ridiculously wealthy donors who sent them a on a wild costly mission to New York and Washington on Monday to kill HR 5278.

President Obama went far, and called the Puerto Rican Congressmen to his office and looked at them straight in the eye and I could almost hear him say ("DON'T YOU F (fail).... ME ON THIS !!!) Of course, I really wasn't there. but they all went back to the Hill, humbled, and voted for the Bill, even Rep. Nydia Velazquez who almost choked when she said she would favor it, and spoke highly of it. I think she even cried.. I commend her for that.

All except Chicago's own elected (who embarrassed us and calls himself Puerto Rican?) who screeched yesterday to all members right on the House Floor "Preciosa... No dejes que el tirano te trate con su negra maldad." and you could hear congressmen saying " What'd he Say? " Can't imagine their impression of him when someone translated they were called tyrants. This guy is going to have a hard time getting a bill passed in Congress for his district from now on. And Chicago... you can keep him. We don't need him in PR.

With a swift hand and not a tremble in his voice, speaker Ryan kept his PROMESA ! This gentleman made AMERICAN History yesterday! HR 5278 passed the House!!! WE THE PEOPLE WON !!! The Patriotic Americans in Congress stepped up to the plate for their fellow Americans in Puerto Rico

For us Puerto Ricans, a new leaf has been turned. So we are a back to 1898 ! Let's pretend we turn back the clock and let's start all over again! We are looking forward to this new beginning and a fabulous American ending to our territorial status.

In the meantime, you'll find me next week somewhere talking to someone in the halls of the US Senate or on tweeter...

Miriam Ramirez MD