Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Congresional Research Service on Tax Havens.

CRS - Congressional Research Service
June 5, 2015


Pg. 21: 
Tax Havens: Issues and Policy Options
 "The topic of tax havens has been a focus of recent international tax policy discussions. (This topic is treated in more detail in another CRS report.)48 Tax havens do not fit neatly into the traditional capital export neutrality/capital import neutrality/national neutrality evaluation framework outlined above—perhaps because the tax-haven issue involves as much artificial shifting of income and investment as it does questions about how investment is actually allocated. To the extent tax havens abet the shifting of income from its true geographic source to low-tax jurisdictions (the havens themselves), they raise questions about protecting the U.S. Treasury from revenue losses. They also raise questions about tax fairness (not all taxpayers are in position to reduce their U.S. taxes by using tax havens). And to the extent tax havens reduce the tax burden on investment that truly occurs overseas, they also raise the same questions about economic efficiency and neutrality addressed by the traditional framework outlined above.".........