Thursday, March 12, 2015


On behalf of myself and the US Citizens of Puerto Rico, I thank you Mr. Oliver for taking the time to bring to light this outrageous injustice to our people. We have been asking, begging, the US Congress to act on this for over one hundred (100) years, and it falls on deaf ears.

After many decades of research and a life devoted to obtain equal rights for the US citizens in Puerto Rico, I truly believe the following facts may explain who are responsible for this and what is the main reason for this shameful violation of our civil rights.

Puerto Rico, a US Territory, is coded by the IRS and treated as a foreign country since the 50's to serve as an offshore tax shelter for multinational corporations and extremely wealthy individuals, who use PR in order to avoid US taxes.

As Mr. Oliver correctly states, Puerto Rico is not a foreign country! It is a territory of the United States with American born citizens for over 100 yrs.!

This has also helped destroy the US's and Puerto Rico' economy. But, Puerto Ricans pay the highest price, since our fiscal "foreignness" keeps us deprived of our voting rights .

The United States Congress looks the other way, (as they walk to deposit campaign money in their coffers) so as not to see this colonial shameful limbo that is also responsible for our island's bankruptcy, our unemployment rates at over 15%, and our per capita below $15K,

We have a right to be a state of the Union, with Representation in Congress and to vote for the President! The powerful lobbying establishment that represents this tax scam, also lobbies against Puerto Rico’s aspirations for statehood since it is against their economic interests.

As an example, see: PR statehood ‘suicidal’ for GOP : -

We need people like Mr. Oliver and our fellow citizens in the US, who are also victims of this global scam, who will help us get our voices heard to stop this terrible plague which has destroyed our economy and violates the basic constitutional rights of the US citizens who are residents of Puerto Rico.