Thursday, February 6, 2014


Mass Murderer Adam Lanza was Product of Societal, Spiritual Brokenness

February 6, 2014 by 

CNS news just published an article depicting the depth which Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Elementary shooter, suffered from mental illness. 

The most startling revelation in this article is the new evidence that has been found giving clues to his mental state of mind. While authorities have said there appears to be no motive, it is clear by what they have found that this young boy was clearly confused and in spiritual pain.

If this isn’t bad enough, among the findings were documents about mass murder and a video game entitled “School Shooter.” Adam Lanza was taking anti psychotics for mental illness, and it seems that while doing so he spent a great deal of time becoming desensitized to the graphic image of dying children by playing this video game. 

 Let’s put this into greater perspective a moment. Right now there are nearly seven million children that are taking anti psychotic drugs for controversial illnesses like ADHD and bipolar disorder. Many of these children also spend a great deal of time playing video games depicting extreme graphic violence like Grand Theft Auto, where they indiscriminately point and shoot at random people. Many people like to believe that there is no correlation between violent video games and actual aggressive behavior; however, a recent study concluded otherwise. While it offered no conclusive proof, it did show that brain activity of the person playing a violent game was the same as a person exhibiting anti social, violent behavior. In other words, the brain reacts nearly the same way to images of violence as it does to real violence.

Also, when you consider the fact that many of these anti psychotic drugs carry the adverse risk of violent, suicidal behavior as a side effect; the prospect of children prescribed these drugs playing violent video games becomes a bit more disconcerting. Wouldn’t you agree? As long as kids are being diagnosed and drugged for nonexistent illnesses, while simultaneously being desensitized to violence, the likelihood of another mass shooting is greatly intensified.

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