Friday, January 17, 2014


I want to expose the economic rape of the US citizens in Puerto Rico and of US tax payers caused by the use of Puerto Rico in an outrageous offshore corporate tax IRS legal evasion scheme by the CFC’s (Controlled Foreign Corporations).
No one in Puerto Rico or the US dares to bring this out in the open!!! The CFC’s are too powerful.

How is this done?
Puerto Rico, a US territory, is classified as a foreign country by the IRS for fiscal matters so it can be used as an offshore tax shelter for multinational corporations who are scamming the IRS and the US Tax payer. This has not helped the PR economy.

In spite of this "fabulous" privilege, news from Puerto Rico are not flattering... 300,000 have recently moved to Central Florida, the economy is shattered, unemployment is aprox. 17%, per-capita is somewhere close to $11,000. Everyone in the financial community agrees that Puerto Rico is bankrupt.... 

Just one example: Company X ( a real one ) has a "factory" in Puerto Rico with 170 employees, the majority are part timers. It claims that PR factory produces all the  computer discs used in the world with those 170 mostly part time employees. Yet... Company X receives $22 million (US dollars) a year in US tax benefits per employee !!! ...WOW!..and do tell us, just how much does that employee make in a year?

Does it make any sense that corporations close their factories in the several states in the US and take their business overseas? They set up factories in poor depressed countries where they pay miserable salaries to poor souls who have no choice.

Government corruption (both legal and illegal) is rampant. This demoralizes the people, who are losing their homes and can only get part time employments with no benefits. Crime has soared!! As a result, the US Citizens from Puerto Rico are abandoning the island for other locations in the several US states. 

Corruption and Economic influence in PR’s economic and political establishment is so powerful and so wide spread in the island that...
  • All Puerto Rico Governments; 
  • Those who have represented us in Washington; 
  • Local and national politicians who receive campaign funds from these corporations or their representatives; 
  • Local and national media owners who depend on their ads; 
  • The local "rich" elite class who also benefit from this tax exemption; 
  • Their hired "economic experts"; 
  • The law firms that represent them; 
  • and others..look the other way while going to deposit to the bank. 
Many from the above groups are actually direct players in this legal tax evasion scheme. Local and national media ignore these facts and use permanent political and financial columnists who write speculative analysis of why Puerto Rico is falling economically apart, making sure that this tax evasion scam is not exposed.

The CFC's use Puerto Rico, USA where they can transfer their costs and then do their business transactions in US $$ by using PR as an offshore "foreign" country tax-shelter. 

Of course!! This is what has caused the economic crisis in the US and Puerto Rico.. The CFC's have small reduced operations in PR with part timers, and immense corporate IRS tax deductions for costs and other transfers while the people live in poverty with little or no government interference in their companies' operations, for the above mentioned reasons. 

I am trying to find someone who can convince me that taking jobs out of the US and getting outrageous tax benefits for leaving the US has helped Puerto Rico,  the US Economy and the US Tax payer !!! Can you? If you agree with us, can you help us?

I am Miriam Ramirez, 
A US Citizen from Puerto Rico