Tuesday, October 29, 2013


By Miriam J. Ramirez MD
October 29, 2013
The ludicrous tactics and transparent motives of those who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to derail the results of the will of the US resident in Puerto Rico, expressed in an official plebiscite where statehood for Puerto Rico won by a majority  are sad and potentially tragic for the US residents of Puerto Rico, for the US and especially for the Republican National Party.

Their real intention is to preserve a constitutionally protected and sanctioned USA fiefdom, officially called the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, whose absolute economic and political lords exercise domain, not only over our economic, political and social landscape, but also over the indentured employees tied to them. Those executives, directors, shareholders of offshore tax shelters, corporate welfare companies, and their professional overseers: lawyers, accountants, bankers and politicians, from now on will be referred by us as the "colonial fat cats".

The severe economic crisis that has plunged Puerto Rico into thinking bankruptcy is now national news. However, the goal of the fat cats continues to be to perpetuate the present colonial fat cats' “commonwealth” offshore tax shelter status, whose over half century of island dominance has bilked the US Treasury of billions of dollars in untaxed corporate profits for the corporate minions, without presenting economic or political benefits for the island's residents. To protect their interests, they spend millions upon millions in fees and salaries for their professional henchmen and millions in campaign funds for their political allies.

To fight against statehood for Puerto Rico, they have formed alliances. One group is
composed of the pro Corporate Welfare, pro Offshore Tax Shelter, pro CFC’s economic "colonial fat cats" who have poured huge amounts of money into mysterious organizations such as Puerto Rico First, Free the Eagle, and others, to attack our aspirations to become a state by denigrating our island and its residents. They will go to any and all lengths to accomplish that feat.

The other group, the political "colonial fat cats", is composed of a well taken care bunch of local politicians and a rich elite class, who, with the help of some radical left wing ideologues, support and protect the "status quo" in the electoral arena. These sectors mainly support the Commonwealth party but also identify with the Statehood Party and are aligned politically with both the DNC and the GOP.

Both groups have joined forces to try and kill off any attempt to bring statehood for Puerto Rico. For this they have enlisted unscrupulous Republican lobbyists to prey upon Republicans with racist appeals in order to defeat the only piece of legislation in 100 years that offers our 3 million US citizens living in the island, the opportunity to achieve self-determination.

The "commonwealth" supporters, who masquerade under the banner of patriotism and cultural purity, have historically denied economic opportunity to the lower income island residents. One of their actions was to pass legislation to eliminate the teaching of English in public schools. This allows them to continue their grip over the island, since they make sure their offspring are fluent in English by sending them to exclusive private schools.

Shameless, they have the gall to shout from the pages of Washington's newspapers that the Puerto Rico Commonwealth's failed 60 year record (for which the present commonwealth relationship is responsible), is reason enough to disqualify, what they describe as a "Spanish speaking welfare dependent, poverty stricken, crime infested territory rife with Molotov cocktail throwing radicals," from statehood consideration.

Should the architects of this libel be permitted to renew their license to pillage and plunder the island, its US citizens residents, the American taxpayer, and the IRS for years to come?

The right thing to do is to allow a fair vote that would overthrow the self-serving masters of Puerto Rico in favor of a democratic rule. A democratic rule that would re-direct Puerto Rico's resources toward economic and social programs benefiting our people and turning an American deficit account into a surplus.

However, it is difficult for this to happen so long as the entrenched "colonial fat cats" are permitted to go unchallenged in their costly self-serving campaign to portray their own deficiencies as endemic to the island, and potentially lethal to the mainland.

The colonial fat cats' campaign to undermine Statehood for Puerto Rico has targeted the Republican House leadership to get them to back off from supporting sttehood. Their campaign has a veiled anti-immigrant theme with racist connotations, made all the more politically potent with unsubstantiated claims that a Puerto Rican state would tip the balance in Congress towards the Democrats.

Some Republicans may be taking the bait. Fearful of a backlash next November among their more conservative supporters, some might try to transform the Puerto Rico Statehood issue into an albatross, which could threaten Republican control of Congress.

51 STAR US FLAG (MJR 1985) 
They are wrong!

It is the Democrat Party and its candidates who will benefit if the Republicans turn their back on decades of support for Puerto Rico decolonization and Statehood. Mainland Hispanics will punish Republicans next fall and their tenuous grip on control of the House may become undone. The last laugh would be for the Democrats both in Puerto Rico and in the mainland.

If the Democrats can engineer Republican abandonment so as to blame them for the failure of respecting the people’s will, they will make Puerto Rico self-determination their issue, and ride it into the Speaker's job! From there it will be easy as pie to leverage immigrant bashing and ethnocentricity into retaining Congress and the White House in 2016, just as the very same tactic was used so successfully in 1996 to deny Republicans key electoral victories in otherwise safe states such as Florida and Arizona.

By ceding the Puerto Rico Statehood issue and therefore the Hispanic vote to the Democrats, the Republicans may risk all that was gained in 1994 and all that they might have hoped to win in 1998 and 2016. Then the Corporate Welfare fat cats and their commonwealth allies will have pulled off one of the biggest coups in recent political annals. Puerto Rico will have been used by them as the Trojan Horse to recapture the House in 2014 and solidify their future support among mainland Hispanics soon to be the largest US minority and one of its most influential-voting blocs.

Of course, the real big winners will be the corporate welfare companies and their local "colonial fat cats", who will once more have the island safe from threats of Statehood. Statehood would undermine their ability to leverage its territorial status to their shareholder's benefit and that of their allies: the local political and professional establishment that feeds off them. Can a renewed offshore tax shelter be far behind?

US & PR Flags Fly Over Puerto Rico's El Morro
The losers will be the 3+ million US citizens of Puerto Rico not connected with or recipients of the largess of the Corporate Welfare oligopoly. They will be consigned to many years more of colonial status, second class citizenship and a bleak economic future, where migration to the mainland will continue to offer the only escape route to opportunity for our best and brightest.

Let's hope that Republicans stateside will wake up to the ruse that is being perpetrated and recognize that 'sleeping with the enemy' offers little but electoral Armageddon. Puerto Rico First, Free the Eagle, etc. and the pro-commonwealth Popular Democrat Party, whether in Spanish or English, don't give a whit for the GOP. It's merely a tool for their unfettered domination over the United States' Banana Republic.

Republican electoral salvation ultimately rests on doing the right thing, constitutionally and morally. We can and should do well by doing good. Otherwise, what is our rationale for holding and exercising power? Why should voters choose us over the opposition if we, like them, choose expediency over principle?

But who should expose these nefarious activities? One should be the local Republican Party and its members. They must enlist fellow stateside Republicans, who have championed self-determination and statehood for Puerto Rico for almost a century, to warn Republican lawmakers against becoming as children with the Pied Piper, following the siren song (in this case: money) of the "status quo" preservers…. But will they? Or are they also influential economic and political players in this scam to the US tax payer and the US citizens of Puerto Rico?