Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Presidential Leadership, Decisiveness and Power

On this Labor Day, I thought I'd say a little something about our current state of affairs with Syria. The "Red Line" has been in my thoughts for over a year and here we are: hoping to make a "scheduled" cruise missile attack on selected targets via off shore naval assets. By this time, however, Assad's strategic assets have more than likely been moved to the Galapagos Islands. I'm thinking the cruise missiles have a good chance of only wiping out fast food establishments, since we've done such a good job of warning the enemy. Imagine, after 9/9, scheduling strikes, for example, on Wednesday between the hours of 3 and 4 PM EDT and running them for 48 hours. Hell, the Syrians don't need an intelligence service, we'll do it for them. I think O fashions himself as Marshall Matt Dillon and no one crosses my red line. It will be interesting to see what the Congress decides, but I think Dillon will proceed no matter the outcome....cause he's the Law in these parts.

Make no mistake about it, O shot his mouth off a year ago and is now between a rock and a hard place. I think most countries view him as weak and indecisive, with a clear penchant for bragging and taking credit for almost anything. His military commanders have advised him against his intentions, but I'm sure that General Jarrett and Admiral Michelle have cleared his head . Good time for cutting our military budget, isn't it? The point here is that a swipe of the paw cruise missile attack isn't going to change Assad. We don't know enough about Al Queda's influence and strength among the rebels and we don't know how Russia, Iran and Hezbollah will react to an attack. I'm not a pussy cat on Syria because I can't stand seeing innocent people writhing from Sarin gas, but O has got to do a much better job of assessing the field of play and selling Congress. This could be a very high stakes game and we can't just go because O is embarrassed and is seen as making idle threats. I've also said it before and I'll say it again......this is no time to be making massive cuts to our military, yet the administration continues to do so. I think that the USS Nimitz Battle Group stands a good chance of running out of fuel.

My last thought. I think I have a way around any large scale conflict with Syria, Both Assad and Senator Rand Paul are opthalmologists. Send both of these men into a martial arts ring, each with an eye chart. From increasing distances and alternating readings, failure to read all the letters correctly will determine the loser. The loser will then be subjected to cataract surgery without anesthesia, even if he doesn't need it. If Paul wins, Assad leaves Syria with an eye patch, if Assad wins, the US does nothing.

  I have been on vacation and on the way back I listened to a lot news and talk radio.  The more I listened, the angrier I got.  When Obama made his announcement over the weekend that he was going to ask for Congressional approval for military action, I was upset.  Image this idiot playing politics with our national security.  Then to make matters worse, his apologists show up.  The dumbo from Yahoo News who stated that Obama was doing this to readjust things in a more Constitutional manner, where only Congress can declare war.  The reality is that he had no leadership qualities at all.

I was a application development manager for thirty years on Wall Street.   One of the first lessons I learned was that if you draw a line in the sand and someone pokes a toe across, you react immediately.    It only happened to me twice, and in both cases that individual got marched to Personnel (on the Street, there is no two weeks notice).  If you you don’t, you can’t lead.  Syria crossed his red line at least six months ago, and he did nothing.  Now he wants to react too little too late.  Does he think Assad is stupid.  He has spent the last month moving any chemical weapons into hiding, either in Syria or back to Iran.
Boy, look how Obama’s foreign policy has made the Middle East better.  Maybe he can bow down a few more times and we will all be friends.  I think he actually believed his press, just talk and they will listen and do what he wants.