Monday, February 18, 2013

Pharmaceutical Industry Association of PR

US Citizens in the US Territory of Puerto Rico !!! 
The Official Web Site of the Pharmaceutical Industry Association of PR, says we have 4 elected officials in the US Congress !
WHAT ! ....Really? 
I didn't know that !!! Did you know that ?
Gee whiz! ...and here we have been complaining we do not have Congressional representation and the Puerto Rico Pharmaceutical Industry says we do!

No one ever told us! I wonder what else they don't tell us about who is our real government and what is happening in the US Congress with Puerto Rico's generous offshore  CFC's Tax Shelter!
Call or write to the PIA and let them know your thoughts on this.

Pharmaceutical Industry Association of Puerto Rico
Parkside Plaza
14 Calle 2 Suite 350 
Guaynabo, PR 00968-1720
Tel. (787).622.0500 Fax (787).622.0503

Click on the link below and search around... Let's find out more things they know and we don't know about our island, Puerto Rico, USA!