Sunday, July 22, 2012

About the Petition for Statehood for Puerto Rico.

La organización cibernetica Sign On, fundada en el 1998 ha sido utilizada con éxito para recoger el sentir de las personas sobre varios tópicos y ha conducido a logros importantes. Decidimos hacer una prueba con esta petición de estadidad y nos complace el resultado que hemos obtenido en las ultimas horas. Aun así, es necesaria la ayuda colectiva de los que utilizamos el internet, para  promover la petición y lograr que la gente la firme y se interese en enviarla a sus contactos. Esto lo hacemos para complementar los esfuerzos locales de consultar al pueblo. Estamos incluyendo "links" sobre SIGN ON para que puedan ver de que se trata.

Re-Inventing People-Powered Politics is an online campaign platform from—the folks who helped invent Internet organizing and have been on the cutting edge of online, people-powered politics since we were founded in 1998. blends your ideas and passions with MoveOn's years of expertise running online campaigns. Our cutting-edge tools and in-depth trainings help individuals and organizations start campaigns on any issue that's important to them. We provide tools to create petitions, strategies to build those petitions into powerful, winning campaigns, and the ability to keep the momentum building over time.


Success Stories

Fighting Student Loan Debt
 Robert Applebaum, an attorney in New York, started a petition calling for student loan forgiveness and it spread quickly, gathering more than half a million signatures. Then, something amazing happened. President Obama responded—not with a form letter, but with an actual change in policy that will lower student loan payments for over 1.6 million people.Robert is now working with Rep. Hansen Clarke (D-MI) to provide even greater relief for students in debt. As Rep. Clarke said about Robert's petition, "With this massive show of grassroots support, I decided to introduce the legislation. I'm living proof: Online petitions work."

               Justice for Kenneth Chamberlain
When 68-year-old veteran Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. was shot and killed in his apartment by police responding to a call from his medical alert service, his son assumed there would be an investigation.
After months of waiting, Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. started a petition on to ask for one. In the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting, the petition received over 200,000 signatures and national media coverage. The White Plains mayor finally issued condolences to the family, and Kenneth Jr. continues to fight for justice for his own father as well as the reforms necessary to prevent future injustices.