Friday, June 1, 2012

Univision Hires Political Operatives to Frame Its Message

By Javier Manjarres
May 30, 2012
The Spanish language television network UniVision is making no effort to hide their bias in support of amnesty for illegal immigrants or their disdain towards Republicans- those great big racist meanies.

You may recall last year that Univision’s recently hired “progressive” president Isaac Lee was fully support of a hit piece his network ran against U.S. Senator Marco Rubio that highlighted a family member’s past drug arrest and incarceration that occurred when Rubio was a teenager.

The likely reason for the network’s “guerra contra Rubio” was because Rubio turned down an interview by Jorge Ramos, the anchor and host of the Sunday morning show Al Punto. Rubio and others beleive that Ramos is a leftist with his own political agenda. My own interactions with Ramos have been very amicable and he has treated me with the utmost respect.

Here is what we first reported on this issue in 2011-
Actually, there is a rumor circulating in media circles that Cesar Conde, Univision’s President, has his sights set on a career in politics and has no qualms about taking Rubio down a notch or two in order to puff up his own political profile. (This cause quite a fuss behind closed doors)

The folks at Univision and their Democrat sympathizers are trying their hardest to frame Rubio as being ‘anti-hispanic’, their cuddly way of telling their audience that Rubio is really a self-loathing Senator with an identity crisis. As Rubio’s national profile continues to grow in stature, he can expect more of this type of nonsense- the left and their media acolytes are desperate to take the shine off Rubio’s star knowing full well that he has the ability to effectively communicate the truth about the Democrat agenda to Hispanics in a way that returns the Democrat Party to permanent minority status in this country.

Even though Rubio has made himself available to Univision’s affiliate TV stations in the past, and with the amount of media requests his office receives everyday, Rubio will never be able to entertain all of them. But after Univision’s little hit piece, I’m guessing Rubio probably won’t be returning Univision’s calls anytime soon- I don’t come off no banana boat, ok?- (Shark Tank-Univison Puts a Hit On Senator ‘Scarface’ Rubio)

As a result of Univision’s actions, Rubio has decided to only entertain interviews and from Univision’s rival Telemundo. But with Univision’s left-leaning political agenda fully on display, is it too much of a stretch to believe that the television network has hired top political consultants to help “frame” their message?

Two sources within Univision’s inner circle have divulged to the Shark Tank that this in fact true- Univision has actually hired political operatives to help frame their political agenda. While nearly all major TV networks employ “political contributors” as regular guests on their various programs, the agenda and narratives of Univision’s contributors has not been closely examined. It appears that Univision isn’t concerned about reporting hard news to its viewership so much as it is about pushing and advocating a leftist agenda. Has the network compromised whatever journalistic integrity it had left to begin with?