Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mari Carmen Aponte confirmed by U.S. Senate

Note from mjr:
Anibal Acevedo Vila vivia en casa de Mari Carmen Aponte, durante su termino como Comisionado Residente. ( Ella es una Demócrata activista, y anti estadista, que vive en Washington DC disfrutando de la estadidad) .

El Senador Republicano Marcos Rubio de la Florida, otro que esta loco promoviéndose el mismo para Vice Presidente, se convirtió en su defensor ante los republicanos en el Senado. Seria bueno saber si los Republicanos de Puerto Rico también la respaldaron.

Dios los cria y allá ellos se juntan.... y acá afuera en el mundo de los  mortales,  la gente  se matan unos a los otros, defendiendo a sus políticos y a sus partidos.
US EMBASSY - Salvador
posted by scottpowers on June, 14 2012 4:24 PM

Mari Carmen Aponte was confirmed by the U.S. Senate this afternoon to become U.S. ambassador to El Salvador, making her the first female Puerto Rican to serve as a U.S. ambasdsador and ending a long political tussel that lately pitted bipartisan allies Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Sen. Marco Rubio.

The Senate voted by unanimous consent to confirm Aponte’s appointment, more than two years after President Barack Obama first nominated her.

The confirmation will send her back to El Salvador. When the Senate refused to take up her nomination in 2010, Obama gave her a recess appointment to the post. But that expired last December and last-minute efforts by Reid and Rubio failed to break a filibuster opposing her formal confirmation in the Senate. Rubio had offered Reid, a Democrat from Nevada, the seven Republican votes he needed, but Reid expressed concern about their reliability. The deal fell through.

Today Reid tried again to win a cloture vote, ending the filibuster and opening the door to a confirmation vote. This time, she won the vote 62-37, giving her two votes more than the needed 60. Later this afternoon the Senate held a consent vote on the full nomination. It was approved by unanimous consent.

Though they both got what they said they wanted, Aponte’s approval, Rubio and Reid’s office traded final snipes. Rubio said he provided the votes. Reid’s office said Rubio appeared on Wednesday as if he was giving up, saying that the only vote he was responsible for was his own.

“”Last December, I personally informed Senator Harry Reid that we had secured enough votes for her confirmation. Despite his claims to the contrary, today’s vote proves that, in fact, the votes were in place. But instead of giving her a vote, he [Reid] decided to use her nomination to help the White House play divisive ethnic politics, particularly to try to divide two groups of Hispanics against each other,” Rubio stated in a release issued after the cloture vote.

“It sounds like he’s speaking from both sides of the mouth. Yesterday he said he was only responsible for his own vote,” said Reid’s spokesman, Jose Parra. “It’s evidence he wasn’t looking for votes; he didn’t know which way the vote was going to go.”