Monday, October 3, 2011

Puerto Rico's political enemies lobby together in favor of Corporate Welfare and the colonial status.

The Government of Puerto Rico, (supposedly pro-statehood) in a historical move, will join all sectors, including business, political allies and foes, representatives from workers unions, etc., on a trip this week to Washington to lobby for a new amendment to the Federal Internal Revenue Code that will make Puerto Rico a permanent offshore tax haven for multinational corporations and corporate welfare.

This historical joint effort by political sectors, who fiercely oppose each other vehemently on the issue of the status of the island, would consolidate Puerto Rico as a colony of the US.  Never have we seen these sectors in Puerto Rico come together to solve any of the serious problems that affect Puerto Rico, including crime, health, education, and especially the solution of the final status of Puerto Rico.  

It is especially disappointing to the supporters of the New Progressive Party (pro-statehood) for Puerto Rico who feel sold out by their supposedly pro-statehood leaders. This puts the status of Puerto Rico in a political limbo as a colony of the US. It is common knowledge in Puerto Rico that the “corporate welfare” beneficiaries are very generous with the political sectors in Puerto Rico and have hands on influence on the elections results in the island. This gives them power over the status and economic policies of those that rule Puerto Rico.

Call your Congressman and express your repulse to Corporate Welfare and offshore tax havens who take  jobs away from US workers and money from US Taxpayers. Vote against H.R.3020 and changes to IRS Code 933a.
Miriam Ramirez MD

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