Thursday, October 20, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

Subject: RE: The MJ Report
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 20:49:50 +0000
     They sound like Socialists to me.

Dear XXXX:
I agree it is somewhat scary to watch where this "global" activity might be going to.... but on the other hand, I don't think it's directed at individuals or their capital, or local millionaires and their businesses, but rather to big Banks and Corporations such as American Express, Pharmaceuticals, and others. Individuals with their own agendas, love to invade these types of people's movements and grab the interest of the media. most of the times, it kills their original purpose.

 Although the French Revolution inspired the American Revolution.... I think beheading the top tier is not the way to fix things and create democracy.

I can attest personally to seeing the control these sectors have over which laws are passed, bailouts, etc. The lobbying process in DC is so corrupt that people outside are aware of only a small percentage of what is going on.

We send petitions, scream and shout over the Internet, but these corporations have the highest paid lobbyists on site in DC, who not only donate to politicians, but are also composed of retired members with free access to Congress and the floor. If they want privileges, stimulus, bails outs, etc. they get the votes easily.

The government for the people and by the people has taken another meaning since many decades ago.

If a bill is not in their best interest, it will not pass.... or if it is, it will pass, even if it not good for the people.

However, I admit I do not know the intentions of all those that are gathering in this new version of the original complaints that started the Tea Party.

I think it's the same principle, although I think the Tea party was eventually invaded by some who used it to further their own political ambitions and some of their spokespersons have sounded a little fanatical. That is why the two presidential candidates, who proclaim to be the Tea Party candidates, have not become serious contenders in this 2012 election.

I am advised on these issues by experts, which include former officials from Treasury, Congressional Agencies, Congressional Staff, the private sector, and by career people from both sides of the isle.

There is a large array of Corporations which were originally established in the US, but have moved to China, Brazil, Singapore, etc and shift their profits with losses through small operations in Puerto Rico, USA. This has not helped Puerto Rico lower the unemployment rate of over 17% or the PR economy with a per capita of about $11,000/yr. 

But right now, they lobby intensely to add an amendment HR 3020 to the Jobs Reform Bill, to bring their money back to the US with lower tax rates.

How can anyone conclude that closing factories in the US, taking the jobs to foreign countries and then bringing the money back tax free is good business for the US economy. It sure beats me. The study I posted in my blog, shows that this theory pushed by their lobbyists, that money brought back will fix the economy and create jobs, is proven false.

On my recent trip to Brazil, I went past a big auto manufacturer (almost 15 minutes of 60m/hr driving time to pass it) with immense lots full of cars to export. The company? GM . The cars? Chevrolet. You can't get much more American apple pie than a Chevy.

So you see, the American Chevy you bought could have been made in Brazil.... as a consequence, some people in Michigan are unemployed and we the people have to carry that load resulting in an increase in the debt.

Oh, I could go on and on with this, since I have had to fight against this parallel powerful political establishment in DC since I first walked in there. I have seen the pupil of that monster with my own eyes. By the way, there are a lot of conservatives who agree with what I am saying.

The previous article which I posted, "The Fight for ‘Real Democracy’ at the Heart of Occupy Wall Street", was sent to me by a friend who is a Republican official in Government. It sums up the way I want to see this. We will have to wait and see whether this Occupy WS defines itself correctly.