Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wikileaks scandal on Hans Hertell, (from Puerto Rico), US Ambassador to Dominican Republic

Dominican Today News - Santo Domingo and Dominican Republic
Top official slams ex U.S. ambassador as WikiLeaks scandal explodes 
M. V. Castillo. File.

Santo Domingo.- A “horrible perversity” is what the Presidency’s Antinarcotics advisor called ex U.S. ambassador in Dominican Republic Hans Hertell’s accusations in a WikiLeak cable revealed today, and that he has neither the means nor the manner to get Supreme Court president Jorge Subero replaced by justice Rafael Luciano Pichardo.

Marino Vinicio Castillo (Vincho), quoted by news source, said only the National Magistrate Council can effect that change, and that it’s n either his function. “I don’t believe there’s not a shred of truth in what it (WikiLeaks) affirms.”

He said the information contained in the leaked cable relates to the human quality of the ambassador which provides them, merits the official affirms Hertell lacks. “Hans Hertell, lawyer from Puerto Rico, fundraiser in political campaigns, not diplomatic, professional who spent six years here of virtually hanging out, what least seemed an ambassador of the United States in the world was Hans Hertell.”

Castillo, who was defense lawyer in the US$2.5 billion Bainter bank fraud case of 2003 cited in the cables, added he would like to see WikiLeaks’ cables of 2004 during Hipólito Mejía’s presidency.

The official pledged to reveal "hidden" facts about Hertell's tenure and his relations with then president Hipolito Mejiav in his TV program La Respuesta (the response) every Sunday.