Monday, August 29, 2011


Greetings from Brazil.
I am presently visiting this beautiful country and spent the first four days of my trip in Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro has almost 7 million inhabitants. This extraordinary city, has an ebullient economy and a mixture of old and new architecture. I was also overwhelmed by the beauty of the Copacabana, Ipanema beaches, etc., and the people of Brazil.

   I am visiting Brazil with friends who own an apt in front of Copacabana, although they actually live near Sao Paulo, about 5 hours away, in Sao Jose Dos Campos, (about 1 hr from Sao Paulo).
   Stores are very expensive compared with our shopping malls. I bought Brazil soccer shirts for all my kids and grandchildren since they are Brazil fans.
   Food is great! I have also had the opportunity to eat home made food. The amount of different fruits and vegetables available is incredible. I am given fresh papaya, or guava, etc with a glass of coconut water for breakfast. This is followed by freshly brewed Brazilian coffee and fresh made bread with a variety of cheeses and cold cuts. I have been refusing the omelette's, etc. since I am full by the time they get to the eggs.
   Unemployment rate in Brazil stands at 6%. The geographical area of Brazil is larger than the US without Alaska. The sights are breathtaking. Most of it unexplored.
   I passed by an automobile factory. It took me about 20 minutes by car to pass by the whole company. They had lots of thousands of cars ready to go. I was surprised to see the company´s name, General Motors....the cars? Chevrolets. Unbelievable!Mercedes Benz and Ford also make cars here.They sell Ferraris for a million dollars and there are many out there.
   S & P downsized our (USA) rating and raised Brazil´s by two.
Forbes rated the Brazilian President (a woman) the third most powerful woman in the world. After observing this economy, I think she deserves it.
   Will keep you posted. I`ll be back home soon.