Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tsunami attacking in Minami-Sanriku

(This is the most horrible filmed video I have seen of the Japan Tsunami Tragedy. MJ)
Thanks John...
Watch this video to the end. Also watch the additional videos you can click
on at the finish. You have never seen it before.
It is taken from the hill by someone with a video camera. You will see cars
driving casually along a highway as the cascading water is approaching
unseen with debris and houses battering things in it's path. Then you see
people running from their homes at the base of the hill as the water is only
a few feet behind. Finally you will see the person taking the photographs
running higher up the hill.


Tsunami attacking in Minami-Sanriku
This video taken with my digital camera shows the huge tsunami, after the catastrophic earthquake having attacked the eastern part of Japan, is rushing through my home town, Minami-Sanriku. I took this at Shizukawa high school on the hill near my house. On the end part of the video all people running away on the plot managed to escape from the tsunami in luck. I'd like to warn you to watch this. The reason is the following: I heard some people became PTSD, who had seen the tragic news on the 9.11 terror attack in 2001. This shocking video also apparently would affect the minds of the viewers. My house has also been swept away and my cat has been lost. I don't want to watch this and don't think this video helps much your understanding to the sufferers as me. However I uploaded it after a lot of hesitation. I hope something of it moves you to want to know what happens to us on 3.11.

東日本大震災で、南三陸町志津川高校から見た津波の様子をデジカメで撮影いたしました。最後の方で、畑を逃げている人たちは全員助かっています。 追記 9.11テロの際には、報道の流す映像によってPTSDの症状が出た方がいたようです。このようなショッキングな映像を見続けることは心の健康にプラスにはなりません。ご注意ください。 私自身この津波で家を流され、飼っていた猫も失いました。あまりこの動画を見たいとは思いませんので、散々迷った挙句アップロードいたしました。 これを見ることが被災者の気持ちを理解することにつながるとは思いませんが、何が起きてどんな感じだったのかを誰かに知ってもらいたいと思って公開してしまいました。 英訳していただいたので追記します。