Sunday, April 10, 2011


It is incredible that the debate on closing government centered on the funding of abortions. I have had some serious, sometimes harsh, discussions regarding this issue in the last days. It is hard to conceive that a crime so hideous, affecting all humanity, be tied by many to whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, when this is such a serious human issue. 

Worse still, some people have given a mother the right to kill her child based on her "ownership" of her body.... which when pregnant, she shares with another human being with its' own rights. Not by his own fault !

As an OB-Gyn, I have seen, in spontaneous abortions (about 20 weeks old) , miniature babies, in every other way perfect, gasping,  kicking and wriggling in despair. Perfect little tiny babies struggling to live. People like me try real hard to save them. Their mommies and daddies devastated and with a name already selected for them.

Then there is the other side. Millions of "pro choice" abortions; Moms who decide to kill their unborn babies, because they "don't want kids", because "their bodies will get fat", because "they work", because "it was just a one night stand", ..... I could go on for ages.

Why is that not to be considered murder ?..... When did we start thinking that way? Many pregnant women with the help of unscrupulous MD's do abortions way past the 20 weeks.

Why is a live baby, who is a helpless victim, sentenced to die as if a piece of garbage, 
flushed down the feces filled toilet, a disposable item, the result of a night of sex. Why is it legal to kill a person 5 inches long and a crime when he is 5 feet high. Why doesn't the mother let him grow so he can defend himself, and then try to kill him?

I believe in contraception and the day after pill, for everyone....and I mean everyone !! I would sell birth control pills next to gum and comic books..

But....abortion is not contraception.. This is not a little clot, a tadpole, a swimmer or an aggregate of cells. This is a small child...someone's baby.  Take a look....

What your baby looks like -- 20 weeks

Reviewed by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board
Baby, fetus at 20 weeks - BabyCenter