Friday, March 18, 2011

To Be or Not to Be

By Geraldo Rivera

Published March 17, 2011
| Fox News Latino

On a flight back to New York from San Juan a couple months ago, I chanced to sit next to Richard L. Carrión, the urbane and savvy man who runs and owns a hunk of Banco Popular, the big Puerto Rican-based commercial bank, and its related businesses, and also helps steer the International Olympic Committee. After he diplomatically answered my several questions about prospects for banks like his during this current real estate nightmare, we talked about politics; specially, the future status of Puerto Rico.
Whether Puerto Rico becomes a state or an independent country, or remains a commonwealth, which is like being a territory or a colony with benefits, is the perennial Holy Grail of Puerto Rican politics, coming up daily during heated conversations that divide Puerto Rican families.
Mr. Carrión described a recent public meeting he had in Puerto Rico with Massachusetts senator John Kerry. On a fact-finding mission, the senator asked Mr. Carrión his opinion on the status question, to which Mr. Carrión told me he answered essentially, ‘Why ask me, when we both know it is the United States which will decide.’

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