Thursday, February 10, 2011

An event tailored for Fortuño's political aspirations?

Is this CPAC activity part of Fortuño's strategy to fulfill his next political aspirations? Last week was the Koch event.... this week the CPAC forum... Are we paying for this?
...and was his speech to the Puerto Rico Legislature on Tuesday tailored for his attempts to "prove his credentialsin the CPAC event, that he is a Reagan conservative  ? (See underlined text) 
By Amy Gardner
Washington Post Staff Writer 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011; 7:16 PM
A wide field of Republican potential presidential hopefuls will descend on Washington on Thursday for the conservative movement's biggest annual party, where they will navigate the tussle for attention between social conservatives and newly empowered tea party activists. A year out from the Iowa caucuses, the 2011Conservative Political Action Conference is widely viewed, as it is every four years, as a forum for presidential message-testing.

This year, following the growth of the tea party movement and the huge gains Republicans made last year by focusing almost exclusively on economic issues, would-be candidates almost certainly will try to prove their credentials as fiscal conservatives who are ready to cut government and taxes, reduce the deficit and ease the burden of regulations on free enterprise. 

The carnival atmosphere of the exhibit hall, packed with vendors and activists promoting various candidates and causes, makes it a popular site.  And considering that about half of the 10,000 expected to attend are students, there is also a rowdy after-hours scene. Last year's festivities included a "Smoke Out the Terrorists" party at Queen's Cafe and Hookah in Adams Morgan and an invitation-only poker party with conservative celebrities. This year, CPAC will serve mostly as a barometer for Republican presidential hopefuls, as it always does in the year before an election. In 2007,

Fortuno busca influenciar el informe de Casa Blanca
por José A. Delgado /
10 Febrero 2011
“WASHINGTON - La reunión de mañana del gobernador Luis Fortuño con altos funcionarios del Departamento de Justicia de Estados Unidos permitirá precisar áreas de colaboración entre las autoridades federales y puertorriqueñas que se incluirán en una sección del informe del grupo interagencial de la Casa Blanca sobre Puerto Rico dedicada a la lucha en contra del crimen.

El viaje del gobernador Fortuño a Washington se conoció originalmente no por las reuniones oficiales, sino por su participación mañana en la Conferencia Conservadora de Acción Política (CPAC), una vitrina para aspirantes a la papeleta presidencial republicana que incluirá a representantes del movimiento Tea Party.”