Thursday, May 5, 2016

Financial Powers are Spending Millions of $$$ in Washington to Keep Control of Puerto Rico's Budget & Government

An article in a local Puerto Rico newspaper, describes  the powerful economic forces that have and are spending millions of dollars and political resources to influence the political powers in Washington who will decide  the future of Puerto Rico. (See link below)

These financial moguls are fighting against each other in Washington to have control on whatever system is approved by Congress to resolve the Puerto Rico economic crisis. They also have, as their personal allies and assets,  top leaders from Puerto Rico's political scenario, regardless of party or ideological affiliation.

They are the colonial economic establishment, supported by a bottomless purse filled with millions $$$ by Corporate Welfare Corporations,  the Puerto Rican millionaire elite, and those who live sumptuously from working for them. They govern Puerto Rico in the background and have very $$$ persuasive influence on key issues that affect the US citizens in Puerto Rico under our territorial status.

Enmeshed in this tangle of corporate welfare, with special tax gimmicks for the rich who relocate to Puerto Rico, are our dreams to have our Puerto Rico free from  corruption, crime and poverty, and the hopes of becoming prosperous for all our future generations. (ex: Laws 20 & 21 passed by former Gov Fortuño, which allows US millionaires who relocate to PR not have to pay State or Federal taxes)

Within this economically powerful establishment die are our dreams of decolonization and statehood. The people of Puerto Rico do not choose their leaders .... the establishment spends millions to select the candidates who better serve them and then present them to the people. That way, no matter what party wins.... the $$$ establishment continues to govern  for their benefit. The fact that Washington is now preparing to look inside and fix this decayed and bankrupt system to help its fellow citizens in Puerto Rico, has them spending millions and fighting against each other like dogs,  to see who keeps control of this tax free millionaires' paradise, but hell hole of the poor.

We have our hopes and dreams that Speaker Paul Ryan will see through this scheme and help the US citizens in Puerto Rico move forward to a better life.