Friday, March 16, 2012

People in the US react to the English Issue and Statehood for Puerto Rico

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CNN ^ | 03/16/2012
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Rick Santorum's contention that in order for Puerto Rico to become a state English must be its principal language drew criticism Thursday from the U.S. territory's sole representative in Congress.
"Santorum's view is narrow and a limiting view of what America is all about," said Pedro Pierluisi, a Democrat, on CNN's "Starting Point." "English is the predominant language in the U.S. and will continue to be so, whether Puerto Rico becomes a state or not." Puerto Rico will vote in November on a referendum regarding possible statehood.

While campaigning Wednesday ahead of the island's primary on Sunday, Santorum told a newspaper that for Puerto Rico to become "a state of the United States, English must be the principal language."
There is currently no law declaring an official language of the United States, though several attempts have been made to give English that designation. Thirty-one states have passed laws mandating English as their official language. The Constitution also makes no mention of a language test for territories or properties that wish to become states.

Both English and Spanish are official languages of Puerto Rico, though Spanish is by far the dominant language on the island. Santorum was spending a second day in Puerto Rico on Thursday, courting voters ahead of the primary. Asked about his comments on Thursday, Santorum told CNN, "English has to be learned as a language. It has to be a country where English is widely spoken and used. Yes."
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Romney's campaign issued a statement on Thursday contrasting his position on the issue with Santorum's. "Puerto Rico currently recognizes both English and Spanish as the official languages of the commonwealth," said Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul. "Governor Romney believes that English is the language of opportunity and supports efforts to expand English proficiency in Puerto Rico and across America. However, he would not, as a prerequisite for statehood, require that the people of Puerto Rico cease using Spanish."