Sunday, February 5, 2012

Iguana Nuggetts?

Photo by Miriam J Ramirez MD
Puerto Rico plans to kill iguanas, export meat to help eradicate species
By Associated Press,
February 3,  2012

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — 
Iguanas of Puerto Rico: Your days are numbered.
The island’s government is announcing plans to kill as many of the reptiles as possible and export their meat in hopes of eradicating an imported species that has long vexed residents and entertained tourists. The U.S. Caribbean territory has roughly 4 million iguanas, which is a little more than the island’s human population, according to Daniel Galan Kercado, secretary of the Department of Natural Resources. 
“This is a very big problem. We have to attack it,” he said in an interview Friday. “It has impacted structures, the economy, crops and the ecosystem.”