Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Florida, Stupid

It first I felt insulted with this title then I figured, Yes, we are stupid !  The fact that President Obama's trip was a vote fishing trip was obvious from the day that Obama's visit to Puerto Rico was announced. 
It is demeaning that US Presidential candidates come to PR  to attract US Presidential election votes in the mainland, yet the US has not allowed the US citizens in Puerto Rico to vote for the President of the United States.
Is it immoral and shameful that the US goes to war in foreign lands (with disproportionate participation of US Puerto Rican soldiers), to help people to have democracy and elect their leaders. But, it keeps in its' backyard, over 4 million US citizens who can't vote for the President and have no representation in Congress? Are we the stepchildren of the United States?
By Matt Towery (Archive) · Thursday, June 30, 2011
"Here's a news flash for every Republican candidate who wants to replace Barack Obama in the 2012 election cycle -- it's Florida, stupid. Candidates can spend all the time they want in Iowa. They can visit every household and sip a cup at every coffee shop, and it likely will get them what it got Mike Huckabee in Iowa four years ago -- an unimportant victory."
"What looms over the horizon is Florida. It's a big primary in scale, and probably an even bigger one for importance."
"For proof of Florida's importance, take note of Obama's recent visit to Miami and Puerto Rico. No sitting president in the last 50 years has visited the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. But Obama is smart. He knows that Central Florida is home to a large number of Puerto Ricans who tend to vote Democratic."