Sunday, May 15, 2011

Asesinan Policia de Miami mientras visitaba a PR.

El policia Juan Aviles, radicado en Miami, Florida, fue asesinado mientras visitaba a PR. Era testigo principal en caso criminal de corrupci√≥n en Miami. Estara eso conectado al crimen? Hasta donde llegara esto en Puerto Rico? MJ



As Miami-Dade police asked for donations for the family of slain officer Juan Aviles and detectives continued hunting his killer, prosecutors said Friday they are evaluating how his death would affect a high-profile racketeering case in which he was a key witness.

Aviles, shot to death Thursday while on vacation in Puerto Rico, was a witness in the Miami-Dade case against Wackenhut, now known as GS4, the security firm accused of overbilling taxpayers for work never performed in patrolling Metrorail stations. “At this time we are evaluating the impact of this tragic death on our pending criminal cases,” said Ed Griffith, a Miami-Dade state attorney’s spokesman.

Aviles, 34, worked for Wackenhut from 2000 to 2003. According to court documents, he complained to executives that his immediate boss ordered him to falsify logs showing certain Metrorail guard posts were being staffed when they were not.