Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I worked my entire professional life as a physician, caring for the poor in the Dept of Health of Puerto Rico for a ridiculously low salary. I firmly believe that you should not deny medical services to anyone for not having money.

However, regarding Obamacare, aside from questioning several things, including limiting medical services to older people, I am very concerned of the consequences to those who do not buy insurance, especially the heavy fines the government will charge to those who do not buy the Obamacare insurance.

If you cannot afford health insurance, how are you going to be able to pay a "FEDERAL" fine ? And what is the government going to take from you if you do not pay? Your house? Your car? Will you go to jail? Will you need a lawyer to defend you? How much will all that cost you?

Are you kidding me? I solidly support the Republicans on this issue. MJ

Shutdown begins: Stalemate forces first U.S. government closure in 17 years

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Oct 1, 2013
The U.S. government began to shut down for the first time in 17 years early Tuesday, after a Congress bitterly divided over President Obama’s signature health-care initiative failed to reach agreement to fund federal agencies.

Hours before a midnight deadline, the Republican House passed its third proposal in two weeks to fund the government for a matter of weeks. Like the previous plans, the new one sought to undermine the Affordable Care Act, this time by delaying enforcement of the “individual mandate,” a cornerstone of the law that requires all Americans to obtain health insurance.